Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Client Contest - Utah Family and Children Photographer

If you had a session with me in 2010 then you have the chance to win a free 11x14 wall print!

Here's what you have to do to win:

1} Get your friends, family, boss, co-workers ... basically anyone and everyone you know to "Like" me on Facebook.

2} Get them to find your image in the "2010 Clients Contest" album.

3} Get them to go and "Like" your image in the album (no comments, unless they want, but they MUST like the image for it to count!)

4} Sit back, relax, and watch your numbers climb. Don't forget to tell everyone you know to like your image!

The image with the most likes on Jan 1st at 10am wins a free 11x14! And.....if your image gets 20 likes you'll win a free 8x10!

Hope your Christmas was great and your New Years Eve is even better!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to all those that have supported me in my business this year. I look forward to a new year and new adventures!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! And everybody should Elf themselves. It's the best thing I've done in ages!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miss Nora's Cake Smash - Utah Baby Child Photographer

A child's first birthday is so momentous. It signifies that you, as the parent, have done your job for the last year. The child is still alive, learning, growing. I think it's a huge accomplishment. :) 

As a photographer, it's so easy to want to brush off your child's portraits. After all you spend most days taking pictures of other people's kids and families. When you have a day off, pulling out the camera is sometimes the last thing you want to do.

But I was determined to make this session happen. I knew I'd love to be able to look back and see how dainty and tiny my sweet girl was. So another set of cupcakes I made. Nothing fancy, but honestly, who doesn't love confetti chip frosting? YUM.

Some children love to dive into the cake. As much as I thought my child would be one of them, it turns out she wasn't. The girl loves her food, but getting messy is apparently something that's not as high on her list.

Oh well, no bath required at least.

Happy Birthday to my perfect girl!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Showcasing Your Memories

Everything in this world is digital now. And that's better, easier, faster, right? And yet there is nothing I find more depressing than when a family spends time and money on quality family portraits and leaves them sitting on discs, hiding in the closets. These are your memories, preserved! Remembering happy times boosts your happiness now and looking at photographs helps make those memories more vivid. Photographs capture what your mind sometimes forgets. That fleeting moment of childhood, the silly look your beautiful daughter used to make, how sexy you used to be when you were young. :) Don't hide those memories away. DISPLAY THEM! Sometimes I think people just have a hard time trying to figure out HOW to display them. Here are a few quick wall display ideas to get your family's memories up on that blank wall.

I will be out of the office until November 15th, making memories with my family. I will not be returning any calls or emails until then!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This is my life.

I think getting your family pictures done is important.

So important, in fact, that it's what I do for a living and as a hobby.

But as a photographer, it's a lot easier to stay behind the camera. Obviously, I have an insane amount of pictures of my baby girl, and of her and her Daddy together. But the ones of her and I are few and far between. It's important to me for her to be able to look back and know that she actually did have a Mommy in her life.

I also think it's really easy to push pictures to the backburner. You always have a few extra pounds to lose or more important things to get done. THESE ARE YOUR MEMORIES. I'm not sure there's anything more important than preserving this time in your life RIGHT NOW, RIGHT AS IT IS.

So I scheduled for Vanessa to take our family pictures. We haven't had any done together since Nora was born and I think the time is overdue. But my sweet (and extremely busy) photographer has had important things come up the last two times we've scheduled to get them done. This last Sunday we were ready and walking out the door when I found out she wouldn't be able to make it. So we decided to call my mom down (who can barely work a point and shoot) and see if she could snap a few. Luckily she brought her boyfriend Dave who was capable of pushing the shutter button and we captured a few really good pictures.

I can't wait for our real photoshoot but thought I would share a few of these for now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

W2W Wednesday - Salt Lake City Boutique Photographer

I know, did you even know W2W Wednesday even still existed? I'm sure you thought I was done, but alas, here is a new one for you. The perfect Fall Grunge wardrobe for your family pictures. Hope you find some inspiration from it!

*Babies full outfit can be found at BabyGap.
*Dad's jeans and Mom's tops, bottoms, and jewelery can be found at American Eagle.
*Mom and Dad's shoes and Dad's tops can be found at Old Navy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Album Pictures - Utah Custom Photographer

I'm so excited to be showing pictures of my newest album!

It's true when they say that big things come in small packages. This beautiful little album is only 5x5 but has big impact. I wish these pictures could even give it justice but I'm definitely not a product photographer.

The perfect way to get all of your session images, these albums are offered in:

5x5 - 20 image
10x10 - 30 image

With so many cover options, there's definitely something to match your personality and session!

Gracie Lady - Salt Lake Childrens Photography

Those cheeks.

That smile.

Those eyes.

I mean honestly, could this sweet baby girl be any cuter? She has the personality every parent wishes their child could have. Always happy, always smiling. Just the sweetest little thing.

And I just don't think I could say enough  about Mommy. I've only known Kerri a short time but she is by far one of the kindest people I've ever met. One of those rare people that make you feel warm and welcome the moment you speak to them. One of those rare people that make you feel like you're special. The kind of person that doesn't mind showing that they care about you.

Thank you for letting me capture this sweet time in sweet Gracie's life and enjoy your sneak peek!

This one just makes me smile.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Mini Sessions - Utah Family Photographer

Is there anything better than Fall? The smell of sweets baking in the kitchen. The crisp air and golden leaves outside. The anticipation of what the remainder of the year has to offer. Oh, and don't forget those boots you've been longing to put on since the beginning of August.

Since today is pretty special 10-10-10, I have decided to announce my Fall Mini Sessions! Mini Sessions are the perfect way to get an updated family photograph without doing a full session. The session is good for 5 people. Each additional person will be $15.

{The Details}

30 Minute Session
10 images on disc print released for 5x7 and smaller
25 flat double sided Holiday Cards printed on art linen paper with envelopes

$175 +tax

I know the times are a little short notice but I'm afraid this week is going to be the last really nice week.

{The Times}

Wednesday October 13th


Thursday October 14th


{The Place}

All sessions will take place at this amazing golden field. The perfect place for your fall photograph!

{Order Bonus}

Order $300 or more in prints/products and receive the following free gift!

Set of 3 3x3 Mini Accordian Albums (perfect for that gift for Grandma)

Book your session today! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bohemian Chic - Salt Lake City Model Photography

I've been thinking up a stylized session for so long. It took quite some time to get it all worked out in my head but once the idea entered, I ran with it and didn't look back.

I love the golden light coming over a field and tried to think of something that would go with that. I wanted something earthy, fresh.....bohemian.

Perfect. Now I just needed a model.

I met her at American Eagle. She was perfect for the look I was going for and game to do anything.

And obviously, she's absolutely gorgeous.

Is it weird that I suddenly wish I was a redhead?

I love being able to let out my creativity through photography. Nothing is better than having a vision in your head and manifesting it through a lens.

I have to give a huge shout out to my amazing hairstylist and makeup artist. They really helped execute my vision and are AMAZING at what they do.

Hair Stylist: Sarah Abbinanti
Check out her in progress website!

Makeup Artist: Stacey Lignell