Thursday, November 4, 2010

Showcasing Your Memories

Everything in this world is digital now. And that's better, easier, faster, right? And yet there is nothing I find more depressing than when a family spends time and money on quality family portraits and leaves them sitting on discs, hiding in the closets. These are your memories, preserved! Remembering happy times boosts your happiness now and looking at photographs helps make those memories more vivid. Photographs capture what your mind sometimes forgets. That fleeting moment of childhood, the silly look your beautiful daughter used to make, how sexy you used to be when you were young. :) Don't hide those memories away. DISPLAY THEM! Sometimes I think people just have a hard time trying to figure out HOW to display them. Here are a few quick wall display ideas to get your family's memories up on that blank wall.

I will be out of the office until November 15th, making memories with my family. I will not be returning any calls or emails until then!

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