Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Constantly growing....

I'm not going to be posting a What 2 Wear segment this week because I think this session speaks for it entirely. This is the PERFECT outfit and was so much fun to shoot. It's all about layers, accesories and obviously, some converse never hurt anyone.

This past weekend I was able to mentor with the very talented Vanessa Millecam. I learned so much from our day together. I was very excited to see I was on the right track with a lot of things.

I think the area I gained the most from was just learning to believe in myself. Vanessa helped me to see that I'm not just another mommy with a camera, that I have talent, and that I'm worth it! I'm constantly growing and learning. I think that was the most important thing for me.

The models were amazing and an absolute breeze to shoot. Could little Lexi be any cuter? She needs to be locked up pronto.

There are going to be lots of new and fun changes to come, from model casting calls, to pricing, to website changes. Keep checking back, and as always I love to hear from you. It makes my day.



  1. I love these, and her outfit! Good Job Jessie....You are very talented just keep reminding yourself that! Can't wait to have another session. Hope to see you soon!

  2. First thank you so much for your kind words...and second HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!!!! I love them, so amazing! You are going to be on to so many great things in your business and your work...I can't wait to see where you go :) LOVE YA!