Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trial Run - Salt Lake City, UT Children Photography

I want to say my pictures have been showing improvement, but how can you tell when all your subject does is lay there?

Here's Diesel basking in the sun.

Here's Diesel looking dopey in the sun.

I mean, it gets old right? I've been studying a lot. I actually verge on the edge of obsessive compulsive. Once I decide I want to do or learn something, there's really no stopping me.Reading books, studying photography blogs, reading my manual.
So I really wanted to put my skills to use. My sweet friend Janeen let me borrow her little boy to practice on. Introducing Owen. Happiest little 6 month old I've known. And cutest smile to top it off.

I mean, I obviously still have a lot to learn, but I feel like I'm getting somewhere.


  1. Oh these are adorable!! Did you know I have a dog named Diesel too? He is a little 3 pound chihuahua though! Thats funny. What a cute little boy.. I think you are doing great!! What kind of camera do you have? I was actually going to ask you the other day but forgot! Ooh.. and what lenses do you use? I used to be really into photography and then I realized how easy it was just to use my iPhone. lame!!!

  2. Wait.. I just read through your posts and saw the D60.. is that right? I've been using the D50 up until this past week and went and bought a new one. I've only taken like 10 pics with it so far though!

  3. Wow! These are great and you are very talented! If you need more practice, I have two cute kids and we're WAY overdue for a family photo! Ha Ha!! Hope all is well with you guys!